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June 17, 2020
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Be Distinctive With Designer Lighting

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Whether you are building a new residence or simply remodelling an existing one, time spent considering lighting design, will provide you with unbelievable warmth, charm and distinction for your home.

Bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting and garden lighting are areas in which you can create that perfect atmosphere for your home and garden area.

Enhance your kitchen lighting and provide the right amount of luminance exactly where you need it by incorporating any number of newly developed track or recessed halogen lighting fixtures. These can be installed in overhead soffit or ceiling areas. Dimming switches can be used to provide that just right effect for preparing meals or simply chatting over an evening cup of tea. Special attention should also be paid to the task areas of your kitchen. Lighting accents over your task areas can be accomplished by using spot lights easily concealed in hanging pot holders suspended from the ceiling of your kitchen. Under counter lighting can also be achieved using any number of economical low wattage fluorescent tubes or halogen lighting. These eliminate dark shadows under cabinet areas and provide ambient light for otherwise dark areas.

Nothing pleases the lady of the house more than providing adequate natural lighting in the vanity areas of the bathroom. There are many vanity fixtures available which will provide the natural light effect desired when applying make-up. This can best be accomplished by installing fixtures around the sides and over the mirrors of the vanity area. Consider fixtures that are at least 24 inches in length as this will provide adequate lighting to wash evenly over the face. If there isn't room for installation of lighting fixtures on the sides or over the mirrors, consider affixing the fixtures directly on the mirror. Consider also the bathing and shower areas of the bathroom. Add distinction in these areas by using recessed waterproof fixtures. Install low wattage lighting strips under vanities and kick plates to allow low lighting all night long. This lighting can be automatically controlled by light sensors which turn the lights on or off for day or night usage.

Warm summer evenings on the patio and garden area is one of the subtle enjoyments of life and nothing enhances the feeling of comfort more than garden lighting. Recent advances in solar lighting allow the placement of lighting in the far reaches of your garden area. Without the need of wiring, these lights operate on energy from the sun and burn continuously throughout the night. Enhance shrubbery and pond or pool areas of your backyard domain by simply sticking them into the ground.


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