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August 12, 2020
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Choosing Your New Kitchen Countertop

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In today's poor real estate market, many smart homeowners are hanging on to their houses and making upgrades to what they already have instead of moving on to a new place. Experts agree that kitchen remodeling gives the best return on investment of any home project. Want some new countertops to spruce up your kitchen? Here are some ideas for you. Let's look at concrete, stone, stainless steel, engineered quartz, and even wood.

-- Concrete: Concrete is the latest craze sweeping the nation for countertops. It is incredibly versatile in that the concrete can be treated with a variety of products to make it look like quarried stone such as marble or granite, without the expense or upkeep. The surface can be made to look veined, be given a gently textured look, or can have glass or marble chips worked in for an interesting dimension. The countertops must be sealed for added durability as well as water and stain resistance.

-- Natural stone: Stone has been the material of choice for new high end home countertops for many years now. Quite frankly, it is beautiful to look at and very durable.

Although granite has been the standard in "must haves," a homeowner could also choose marble, limestone, slate, or soapstone. All stones require some kind of sealant to be applied regularly since it is a natural material, but some are less high maintenance than others. Granite is considered the most durable, and the least porous. The other types all have pluses and cons which should be discussed with a remodeler before choosing. This kind of countertop will not come cheaply.

-- Stainless steel: Comparable in price to concrete, stainless steel is a popular choice for those with modern-styled homes who want a cool, sleek, professional look. Steel is an impervious material which will not harbor bacteria and is easy to clean: that's why it is used in restaurants!

Its main drawback is that it the cook should not cut directly on its surface since it will show scratches and dull knives. Also, it is probably not a good choice for families with small children since it shows fingerprints! Many homeowners choose to use stainless for sinks and pair it with countertops made from another type of material.

-- Engineered quartz: Quartz looks great, does not require sealants, is a cost-effective choice for cost-conscious remodelers, and is one of the most stain resistant materials on the market. Although it looks like stone, the crushed quartz can be mixed with pigments to give it a look not found in nature, so it is more versatile than natural stone. Its one main disadvantage is that it is not very heat resistant and requires the use of a trivet or pad to withstand hot pots.

-- Wood: Butcher block maple is a popular countertop surface for island areas, and it has been for years. It provides a great built-in cutting, carving, and work space and is a nice accent for any kitchen style. However, it has to be sealed on a regular basis and should also be oiled.


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