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June 2, 2020
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Boys Night Out in the Basement - the Ultimate Poker Room

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Over the past fifteen years poker has become very popular. It has moved from a back room casino game into the homes of many who invite their friends over once a week or twice a month for a poker party. As with many leisure pursuits, some people are content with the temporary set up; a card table in the living room, a fresh stock of cold adult beverages and plenty of pretzels, chips, dip and cheese doodles. On the other hand, there are the die-hards. These are the guys who have that innate need to have and be the best. No wimpy, portable set-up will be satisfactory. These guys turn the basement into a Man Cave! During boys night out in the basement there will be grunting, growling, scratching, drinking, eating, cursing and snarling all in the name of good clean fun.

Today's Man Cave is not the dark, dank place that the name implies. Most men of means will remodel and supply the basement with the best they can afford. It's their place, the secret hide out. No girl's allowed! With the rise in the popularity of poker parties many man caves have become the ultimate poker room. It's the place where men gather to wager money on cards and their own skill. Competition is the real name of the game and not only will guys try to outdo each other with the cards; they'll also compete to have a better man cave/poker room than their buddies. Here is a short checklist to help you beat out the other cave men and have the ultimate poker room.

For brevity's sake let's assume you already have a dry, well lit basement area. The first step to building your poker room is to section off an area, preferably away from laundry equipment, sump pumps, water meters and other distracting equipment normally found in the basement. Serious poker players hate distractions. The ultimate poker room will need the following equipment a refrigerator, a bar, a wet sink, a downstairs bathroom, a comfortable sofa or a couple of recliners, a background music system with wall mounted speakers and of course a top notch poker table with comfortable seating.

Cold beer is a staple of boys' night out. It is tough to constantly run upstairs for a cold one so, a man cave refrigerator is definitely a necessity. The large, $3000 Refrigi-Kelvinator is not necessary. The ultimate man cave only needs one large enough to keep the beer cold. Just remember, no girley colors!
Near the refrigerator should be a bar and wet sink. In the past these would normally be built-in but recently portable wet bars have become available at very reasonable prices Check in the various recreation room furnishing stores in your area to find one the fits your space requirements.

In every poker game one or two guys will get knocked out or simply want to take a break. In these instances you'll need comfortable furniture away from the table. A couple of recliners and a sofa where guys can sit, relax and brag to each other about what would have happened if they'd have drawn the right card.

Most poker centered man caves will not have a TV- however, a stereo system playing background music is almost a necessity. No heavy metal music and the volume should be low enough to allow normal conversations without having raised voices.

To have the ultimate poker room you'll need the ultimate poker table. Don't cheap out here! No folding card table will do. A solid, sturdy table is required for the ultimate poker room. Get a table made from wood, preferably oak. You will want a felt table top, padded sides, built in chip trays and drink holders. Spare no expense on the table. It will be the centerpiece of the poker room and in the completion for the ultimate poker room, the man with the best table wins!


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