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03 Mar 20
When it comes to remodeling the bathroom, one of the first items of interest usually concerns upgrading the shower to match a growing trend or add a different look to this commonly visited room in the house.

Over the years I have gotten many emails from my friends in cyberspace asking me for suggestions on how to remodel their bathrooms.

28 Mar 20

Bathroom remodeling ideas can be used to transform the room into a comfortable, attractive, spa-like and functional space.

07 Apr 20

Bathroom tiles are the most detailed aspect of your bathroom design. Bathroom tiles are often used to form wall and floor coverings, and can range from simple square tiles to complex mosaics.

03 May 20

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02 Jun 20
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Boys Night Out in the Basement - the Ultimate Poker Room
Over the past fifteen years poker has become very popular. It has moved from a back room casino game into the homes of many who invite their friends over once a week or twice a month for a poker party.
25 Jun 20
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Cabinet Hardware: An Inexpensive Makeover For Your Home
Many years ago homes would go decades with the same cabinetry and certainly the same cabinet hardware. My how times have changed.
22 Jul 20
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Cabinet Knobs - Buying New Ones Is Essential When Refurbishing Your Cabinets
You are just about to complete this massive remodeling project in your bathroom that included repainting the walls, putting in a new tub and shower, and you even decided to refurbish your cabinets.
12 Aug 20
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Choosing Your New Kitchen Countertop
In today's poor real estate market, many smart homeowners are hanging on to their houses and making upgrades to what they already have instead of moving on to a new place. Experts agree that kitchen remodeling gives the best return on investment of any home project.
24 Aug 20
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Commercial Contractor Referral vs. Residential Contractor Referral
Whether you are a commercial company or an individual who needs construction work or renovation done, there are contractors available to meet your particular needs. The completion of a remodeling or building project requires careful planning and implementation.
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17 Jun 20
Whether you are building a new residence or simply remodelling an existing one, time spent considering lighting design, will provide you with unbelievable warmth, charm and distinction for your home. Bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting and garden lighting are areas in which you can create that perfect atmosphere for your home and garden area.
30 Jul 20
Buying a towel rack is like adding a new feature to your bathroom. If you are remodeling completely, then it is like putting the finishing touches on a large project, and it should definitely be saved until the very end. After all, you will want to consider the color of paint you chose, along with the style and color of the cabinets.
16 Sep 20
Any advice or guide on the interior design of a bathroom should be based around one simple concept: keep it simple. Rooms inside of a home should have functional aspects, and if one room is designed for very specific functions, it is the bathroom.
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18 Jul 20
You just got done remodeling your kitchen space and are now onto putting the finishing touches on the space. Now, there is one finishing touch that you don't want to forget about and that is buying new cabinet hardware for your cabinets.
01 Sep 20
You are in the process of redecorating your dining room and have gone through the trouble of painting the walls, putting in new trim, and adding lovely ornamental accents. Basically, you are going all out. Therefore, do not make the mistake of putting your old table back in there.
06 Oct 20
So You Want to Remodel Your Bathroom? An increasing number of people find that they can remodel their bathrooms to create the perfect place in which they can relax, refresh, rejuvenate and/or have a romantic time. A bathroom redo can be an inexpensive and fun way to spruce up your entire house. So, what you need are some tips for remodeling your bathroom.
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